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Doreen Corwith Eckert, M.Ed., E‐500 RYT

Doreen began a career in holistic health in 1991 by receiving a certification in Massage Therapy from the Myotone Institute near Boston, Mass. In the same year, she discovered the powerful effects of yoga and joined a meditation training program called Gnosis. She received her 200 hour and 500 hour certifications as a Hatha yoga instructor from the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science & Philosophy in Pennsylvania, and is also certified in Polarity Therapy and Reiki Energy Medicine. In 2000, she returned to her Water Mill, NY roots after years of travel and a decade living in the Vermont landscape where she ran her own Evanya Wellness Center and shoveled a lot of snow.

In each class or workshop, Doreen incorporates the eight limbs of classical Royal Yoga. She directs students in more than postures and breathwork, by imparting yoga’s guiding principles, deep relaxation, and mind‐quieting techniques into the experience. She infuses classes with scientific details and suggestions for daily life applications. Students say her approach is nourishing, and her classes feel like being taken on a journey gradually deeper and deeper to stillness.

She also teaches Christ‐inspired classes for those wanting to explore the overlap between Christ and yoga. Classes encourage yoga principles of mindfulness, breath awareness and good self‐care of the body/mind, and include sacred scripture and music derived from the Christian tradition. Her first book is called Good Soil: Guiding Principles to Cultivate a Moral Foundation based on Yoga, Jesus and the Ten Commandments.

Doreen has a private practice offering meditation training, yoga and, Integrative Bodywork in Water Mill where she lives and gardens with her husband, daughter and two dogs in her grandparent’s 100 year old house.

Past Class styles include: Standard moderately‐paced posture, Restorative, Gentle, Seniors, Chair, Pre‐natal, Meditation, and Christ‐centered.

Past Workshops topics include: Holistic Heath, Meditation, Forgiveness, Living Wisely and Aging Gracefully, Stress Management, Restorative, Weight and Stress, Energy and Health, Parkinson’s and Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Season‐focused retreats, Christ and Yoga, 

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