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Welcome Dr. Andrew Cohen, DC
I have a unique chiropractic approach that has developed for over 15 years. In our practice we serve children (newborns), pregnant women, and adults of all ages. We do not diagnose and treat symptoms and disease. Rather we empower your body to express all of it's wellness potential by removing stress, tension and interference from the nerve system.

A healthy, stress free, nerve system is essential for the proper development and growth of a child. Yes, newborns and young children can suffer damage to their nerve systems; from the birth process, reactions to drugs, falls and accidents. Why wait for this damage to result in poor digestion, sleep disturbances, breathing difficulties or suppressed immunity. I know you want the best for your child and I also know that you don't want to bring your child to the medical doctor again and again for drugs and their side effects.  Why not improve your child's health from the inside out with no harmful side effects. My approach for children is safe and effective.

My goal is to see you return to the things you love with ease in your body and calm in your nerve system. Part of that goal is to help you understand better how your body works and give you tools to make better choices concerning your health and wellness.

There is an energy or life force that created us (all 70 trillion cells that we are made of) from two cells (sperm and egg cells). This energy or innate intelligence continues to support you throughout life and allows you to grow, develop, heal, and express your every potential.

The life force coordinates all cells, tissues, muscles and organs by sending specific, moment by moment communication via the nerve system. If the nerve system is over-stressed or interfered with in any way, then your life force messages will not be properly expressed.

Most often the initial stages of an overloaded nerve system go unnoticed because there are no symptoms. Eventually this may show up as fatigue, shortness of breath, poor sleep, tense muscles, inflexibility, pain or nearly any illness or dysfunction.

My system of chiropractic adjustments uses gentle forces and body positioning to empower your body to unwind from chronic tension from the inside out.

We do not utilize any aggressive adjustments with our practice members. Most adjustments are done with a light touch and have a profoundly positive effect on the body. If we do any structural adjustments, they are done with such ease and most people find them to be a welcome relief.

We keep our fees very reasonable and affordable regardless of insurance coverage or lack there of. We offer a sliding scale to anyone who needs it.

Call Dr. Andrew Cohen, D.C. at 287-3546 to make your appointment.

Testimonials From Our Practice

"Before beginning my sessions with Andrew my days were filled with depression & struggle. I was very stressed & tense. After 3 weeks, I felt very positive, happier and less tense. In yoga my postures felt more complete and less strained. I look forward to our continuation     
L. A. F.

Since Iíve been a practice member. Andrew has helped my neck and back tremendously, besides that heís helped my asthma! After an appointment I breathe better, my mind and memory are clearer and my mood much more positive.  My health, mind and senses have greatly improved, which has helped my with my studies, and life in general. I look forward to my visits. Thanks Andrew!
D.J. Student

I initially went to a chiropractor on a recommendation from an Herbalist. Since I have gone I havenít taken any medication for hay fever, four years now! I have experienced many life changes with the help of chiropractic. I have become much more accepting of life and people. I am much more patient and committed. I have received so many gifts from chiropractic that I have decided to become one myself!   
D.M. Chiropractic Student

" I came to Andrew on a regular basis during my first pregnancy, and as a result I had a very easy time.  My husband even commented that chiropractic made the delivery so easy!"                      
M.S. Teacher

" The brilliance of Andrew's healing is that it is not invasive - meaning that it is gentle - and it is intuitive, informed by great experience, education and training. I have been to and benefited from seeing some of the best known and respected chiropractors in New York City and Boston, but Andrew is by far the best, and his work is the most personalized. My back, my allergies, my digestion, have all improved tremendously. I am most appreciative and recommend Dr. Andrew Cohen without reservation and encourage you if your thinking about seeing a chiropractor, to visit Andrew."       
W. N Writer

"Thanks to chiropractic and Andrew, my stressful job and relationships, especially my teenager, are much more manageable." 
D.G. Register Nurse

"Coming to Andrew is a totally relaxing and beneficial experience. It has made a big difference in my overall health and well being."          
S.C. House cleaner

"Recently, I found myself too uncomfortable to do any landscaping work due to back pain. Andrew has relieved these limitations, I am stronger than I was previously. I am back in the garden with twice as much vigor as last year." 
CAS  Photographer

"I just stay healthier and my immune/nerve system are better when I come in regularly."                                                                       
C.S.   Artist
" In my opinion, chiropractic care (light force adjusting) has opened me and my children to a quality of health and well-being we had hoped possible, but never before quite believed possible. Thanks, Andrew!"                   
L.R. Massage Therapist

"It has been approx. 6 months since I found Dr. Andrew Cohen and started under his care. I anticipated positive results over time yet I was unaware to what extent that would be. Since I suffer from severe chronic pain and joint pain the VA had formerly given me a short period of chiropractic services which were favorable. However Dr. Cohen was unlike other Chiropractors I had seen. His unique techniques, knowledge, creativity exceeded any previous experiences. At times on arrival at my appointment, wrought with acute anxiety, his procedures brought me unexpected and welcomed relief. He has eases my pain which proved to give me a more relaxed and comfortable feeling once I returned to my wheelchair.

I readily recommend Dr. Cohen. Since I have been under his care I have talked to others in our local area and all have given good reports of his work.   
R.P Retired Military.                                     

" I have found since seeing Andrew that I am a lot quicker in my responses and faster on my feet! I react quickly and with more coordination."   
B.P. Designer

"Iím not exactly sure how Andrew helps me, I just know I keep coming because I do feel better. My back pain and sciatica problems are getting some relief."
 J.A.B. Teacher

Andrew's areas of expertise include:

Pre-natal care
Wellness Care
Stress Reduction
Rehabilitation with yoga
Wellness Family Advocate
Ear Infection Workshop
ADD/ADHD Workshop
Workshops for Wellness



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