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Class Descriptions

Beginner: For anyone new to the practice or returning students. Focus on alignment through breath modification of poses and philosopshy.

Vinyasa flow:  For students who have a regular yoga practice and want to explore a deeper edge. Classes have a faster pace utilizing the breath to move from asana to asana with grace.

Gentle Flow:  Open to all students.  Perfect for pregnant women. Focus on fundamentals of alignments of asana, breathing, techniques, & philosophy

Level 1-2:  Considered our intermediate class. a step up to our gentle, slow class.

Multi-level: Open to all- beginner, intermediate, & advanced. Allows new students to safely expand their edge while experienced students are challenged

Flow to Slow:Vigorous Vinyasa with restorative counterpart before savasana. Balance in output & input. 

Forrest:  Forrest yoga is a practice that focuses on the breath, alignment, building strength, and helping connect in feeling with one's body. Classes are conducted in a warm room (85F) where you move slower and stay in poses longer. Specifically crafted sequences are intended to build internal heat in order to sweat our toxins and aid in releasing emotions stored in the body.

Slow Flow:  especially for those beginning their study of yoga.  Classes are slow, conscious, & deep.

Move and Meditate: Moderate movement aimed to comfort in the body to allow for ease in sitting. Including breath awareness and guided deep relaxation to relax the nervous system and awaken more subtle layers, as well as guided meditation practice.

Inner Body Yoga: Through theme based yoga postures, students are led through an experience of the present moment. Using focused breathing and consciously held postures, students explore a deeper attunement to their own internal guidance system.

Hot Vinyasa:  Room is heated for students who have a regular yoga practice and want to explore a deeper edge.

Ananda Bliss:  Our signature class. Gentle movements and deep, deep rest in prop-supported postures designed to stimulate the relaxation response, Practioner uses hands on assist, energy work, & essential oils.

Beach Yoga: morning one hour vinyasa on gin lane beach.  The beach next to the bathing corp. and across from the pond.

Yoga For Cancer: A free one-hour class designed for students healing in all stages of cancer, in remission, or a direct caregiver. Preregistration is required for your first class (*medical clearance necessary). To register, call Fighting Chance at 631-725-4646.

Prenatal: Connect with your body and your baby in a safe, supportive environment with our doula, Monica. 

Chair Yoga: Work to maintain and improve stretch range of motion in all of your joints. Strengthens muscles & bones and improves balance in basic standing postures with the use of a chair. Together, we'll experience the stress-reducing benefits of meditation and breathwork. * NOT CURRENTLY ON SCHEDULE

Phoenix Rising Yoga: Phoenix Rising Yoga a combination of classical yoga techniques and elements of contemporary body-mind psychology, encourages this deeper connection with self. Through this deeper connection, we are able to know ourselves more fully. Out of this knowing, we are more easily moved to embrace the opportunity for change, growth, and enhanced will being in body, feelings, thought, and spirit.

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