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Mary Angela Buffo

Mary Angela Buffo is the director of Ananda Bliss Yoga. She has been teaching yoga, meditation, energy healing, and counseling for the past 25 years, specializing in addiction counseling. Her mision is to bring people home to their bodies and heal emotional wounds allowing for a deep, transformational shift that will inspide a life beyond their wildest dreams.
She both enjoys teaching classes and working privately with students. 
Mary offers workshops and retreats based on the Law of Attraction, the art of unlearning, energy balancing, and Heart Bliss Yoga all over the world. Mary has worn many different hats in this life from baker, soup maker, restaurant manager, model, teacher, addiction counselor, etc. 
Ananda Wellness & Yoga Center has been open since May 2001, both serving the East End community with many styles of yoga and integrative wellness. Mary's ambition is helping you achieve your highest state of well-being. 

Wellness services offered by Mary Angela Buffo

Private Yoga: For those who either, are not ready for a group class experience or simply prefer one on one attention, private classes are available. Private classes offer accelerated learning opportunities and close supervision for an enjoyable experience.

Psycho-Spiritual Counseling: Mary Angela brings many years of experience to support clients in their mental, emotional and spiritual growth. As an interfaith minister, yoga teacher and counselor, she specializes in incorporating the teachings of 'The Law of Attraction' and melding it with body awareness (yoga) and her intuitive counseling skills.

Some of Mary's clients work with her via the phone or Skype.  Phone/Skype sessions can be a convenient alternative when you live far away or are out of town.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: An advanced body centered therapy that expands on traditional 'talk' therapies by addressing the stress patterns trapped in the body. Utilizing assisted yoga postures, the client releases long held stress patterns and is supported in the explorations of their origins and meanings. A safe non-directive dialogue is incorporated to gently support the client in their process. Some clients have reported that a few Phoenix Rising sessions accomplished more for them than many years of standard therapy.

Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator 2014: This program is designed for both student or teacher. Its emphasis is on the therapeutic, transformational aspects of yoga both physically and emotionally. Students and teachers will learn the skills to enhance and deepen their ability to teach or practice yoga in a heartful way. 

Mary Angela is available for special groups, retreats or workshops.
To arrange a booking you can call her direct at 516-702-2921.

Mary's areas
of expertise include:

Private yoga
Yoga therapy
Psycho-spiritual Counseling
Emotionally centered yoga
Programs based on the law of attraction.
Workshops for women
Workshops for recovery
Workshops for partnering
Workshops for successful living
Yoga Retreats (Costa Rica/Mexico)
Seniors Classes.






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