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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy


What is PRYT?

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a unique one-on-one practice that implements [utilizes] meditation, assisted stretching, and dialogue to integrate the mind, body, and heart.  No prior yoga experience is necessary. In a session, you are physically supported in yoga postures and engaged in a non-directive dialogue. The integration process is fully supported in the non-judgmental and safe environment that Becky provides.

PRYT brings you in touch with your deepest wisdom, unveiling obstacles and revealing how to make life changes that bring you in touch with who you truly are. Becky’s calm and accepting presence provides the necessary foundation to explore who you are at a fundamental level. It is through cultivating this awareness that you are able to find peace, insight, and freedom you seek. This practice is rooted in the philosophy that YOU are the expert on yourself. It takes slowing down, tuning in, and the powerful act of being seen and heard, to come in contact with our own innate wisdom.

The purpose of yoga postures is that our bodies may often display the conditions of our lives. The process often uncovers habitually held tension in the body - these deeply held tensions and patterns often have an emotional, mental, or spiritual correlate. In speaking about your process as it is happening, you are invited to explore these possibilities.

What to expect: a non-diagnostic & non prescriptive, client centered therapy that express the mind-body connection through assisted body movement, mindfulness, & open dialogue. Sessions typically run 75-90 minutes. 


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