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In 2006, Laura stopped into Ananda to pick up an instructional yoga CD. Instead, she decided to take a beginner yoga class with the studio owner, Mary Angela. She was immediately hooked, and has been a dedicated student ever since. In 2010, Laura experienced a life changing event that effected her health. She subsequently decided to leave her 20 year career as a healthcare provider and focus on her own health; from a physical, emotional, and spiritual perspective. A journey of healing ensued, and Laura immersed herself in the practice and philosophy of yoga and meditation. Slowly but surely, she not only healed, but transformed. Laura’s own life experience has inspired her to positively influence those around her and share her practice with others. She is a recent graduate of Ananda Heart Bliss Yoga Teaching Training and is certified to teach Hatha Yoga. Laura’s style has been multi-influenced due to the amazing instructors at Ananda, each possessing their own unique gift. Laura’s goal as a teacher is to encourage her students to connect with their own breath and bodies so they may develop a deep sense of inner peace and balance. Ultimately, Laura would like her students to integrate their skills learned on the mat into their everyday lives. 

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