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Yoga saved my life.
Searching for relief from intense job stress and major life changes, a colleague recommended I attend a yoga retreat. Willing to do anything, I went home and registered for one that night.
At Sivananda ashram, I was immersed in all aspects of yogic life. Meditation awakened my soul. Asana practice released toxic blocks of emotion and energy and refreshed my spirit. Shared meals showed me how community nourishes my heart. Karma yoga helped me experience the gifts of service to others. I left forever changed. My spirit came alive again and I was inspired to make changes.
Years later, I have made many changes and experienced more highs and lows in my life. One thing is certain- yoga continues to open my heart, releasing old wounds and expanding my capacity for joy. Connecting with people, sharing a space and practicing together creates community.  Ananda Heart Bliss Yoga embodies the virtues I strive to live each day. Through our practice, my hope is to inspire your spirit, body and mind on your life journey.
Kelly Dodds is a certified fitness instructor and trainer since 2008. She recently completed a 200 hour Ananda Heart Bliss Yoga certification with Mary Buffo and Becky Rosko.
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