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I started practicing as a preteen with cassette tapes from Kripalu and books that my downstairs neighbor had in her den. My late father had Multiple Sclerosis and I was interested at an early age in becoming a healer. In college I started practicing at Yoga Zone with Alan Finger and bounced around to other studios and used books and VHS tapes (remember those?!) to learn more. When I started working full-time as an editor and journalist I fell away from studying a bit but always had in the back of my mind to return to it when I had the money and time to devote to a 200-hour TT. I practiced in small groups and one-on-one with a Kundalini yoga teacher and friend who is also an ordained swami priest and chaplain. Those years were hectic and filled with personal hurdles including my father's passing, my mother's health issues (cancer battles and knee replacements) and other assorted heartaches and challenges.
In 2014, I decided to leap off the corporate mouse wheel and delve full time into my freelance work, art and pursuing yoga therapeutics. I went to Pure Yoga for my initial 200-hour TT with Yogi Charu and Kay Kay Clivio and their team of teachers from many lineages. I picked Pure specifically beacuse they had such a wide variety of practices within their organization and I have always been drawn to a mix of styles. After graduation I was with my now-ex and we lived in rural Elkin, North Carolina where I sometimes taught at a little studio aptly called Yoga on Main. It is a lovely space with a few really dedicated students and I was grateful to be able to start my group teaching there with alignment-based Hatha and 75-minute Vinyasa classes. When I returned to NYC, I found a few private clients on the Upper East Side and just love working one-on-one or with smaller groups. I also tend to give impromptu instruction to friends and family of all ages and abilities too – nadi shodhana for everyone! I am happy to provide references and testimonials from my teachers and students.
I have done two additional 100-hour Prema Therapeutics trainings through Pure this year. One in February and one in June (the links to the descriptions for them are on the Prema website below). I am totally reworking my schedule right now and will be open to teach at Ananda as needed. I will be doing the course for Positive Body Image September 23-24 and my next 100-hour for three weekends in October which will bring my certification level past the 500-hour mark. I am also starting work as a volunteer with Kula for Karmaand hope to bring my therapeutically-minded teachings to more groups and communities that need it.
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