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Elyse majored in dance at Hunter College and holds a BFA in Arts Management, with a concentration in dance, from Long Island University. She was introduced to yoga in college and continued her practice while dancing professionally.

By finding yoga to be very connected to dance and its movements, Elyse furthered her yoga education and became a certified yoga instructor. Additionally, in 2014, Elyse received her certification in SUP paddle board yoga.

With her love of the water and creative spirit, Elyse offers a class that playfully allows students to become more self­ aware of body alignment, breath and form.

Take your practice to the water and experience Elyse's SUP vinyasa yoga class that will be sure to enhance your practice!

Class Description-
Yoga on a stand-up paddle board! A unique, innovative way of bringing fitness to a new level. Vinyasa yoga on a paddle board combines strength and stability, while also enhancing your balance and flexibility.

Class will begin with a warm-up paddle to a tranquil cove. Participants then anchor their boards and flow through a led series of traditional vinyasa poses.

Enjoy the benefits of taking your practice to the water! All levels welcome, no experience necessary. Call ahead to reserve your spot in class. Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
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