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Leanne is Hatha yoga teacher with an emphasis on biomechanics and tantric/ non-dualistic philosophy. (200HR RYT)

Leanne began to see her true self the first time she stepped onto a mat. After a consistent daily practice, she felt change flowing into every aspect of her life. Leanne dove in, heart first, and continues to let her heart guide her. A beginner, always, Leanne is committed to being a student & sharing this heartfelt journey to ONEness that is the practice of Yoga. She believes that true healing begins when you start living your truth/dharma, showing the world your authentic self, embracing the dualities in life~ being perfectly imperfect. The love of the practice shines through in her teaching. Heart, mind, spirit, connecting with the physical body, Kula (community) and Lila (JOYful, divine play) is how Leanne inspires others to live through the practice of Yoga. 

She shines bright like a diamond. 

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